Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mommy Soup Three and Four

When I make soup I try to make enough for a few days. I think soup is one of those things that tastes better the next day. The French Onion went over a little too well and there were no left overs. Sooooo I made mushroom barley. It's another easy soup except the barley always takes longer than I think it will.
Right before I made the soup I watched Chuck's Day Off. He was making stuffing and was chopping a bunch of veg and sausage. I was surprised when he put all of the veg in the pan at the same time. I always add onions first. The longer you cook them the sweeter they get. There may be times when you don't want sweetness but usually it's a good flavor. When I made the soup I sauteed onion first then carrots because they're dense and need longer then celery, which needs no time at all. Last, Crimini mushrooms. I added the barley and cooked it for a minute or two to make it toasty and finally I added beef stock.
I served it with a warm spinach, bacon and red bell pepper salad and corn bread. I got the idea to make corn bread from Chuck. He was making some for his stuffing and it sounded good.
The next day we ate it again although I had to add more onions, mushrooms and stock. And I made a salad with radishes, celery, radicchio and spinach.
Tonight I made potato leek. Sauteed leeks, added chicken stock tossed in some Yukon Golds and TADA! Sometimes I start with bacon. Same salad. Mom got the last piece of corn bread. We'll be eating it again tomorrow.
Soup is good food.

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