Sunday, October 19, 2014


Awhile ago (actually months ago) I realized I had everything I needed to make a BLAT. I had precooked some bacon. I had really good Pine Street multi-grain bread, Zion Farms lettuce, garden grown tomato, mayo and an avocado. I took the picture and saved it all this time. I had thought I might write about how classic things are classic for a reason. And/or you see BLTs everywhere but you're more likely to see a BLAT in the west where the avocado rules.

A BLAT is fat on fat on fat and it's so good. But I've been worried about eating fats because ... of the bleeping gall stone. So lately when I've seen the picture buried in my photos I've felt like I should just delete it. 
For so long now I've fooled around with what I eat when trying to manage what I've called my stomach aches. I have believed it was about sugar. If I ate enough protein I could eat an amount of sugar. Never too much but some. I knew fats were in the mix but I just wasn't sure how. Since the bleepin gall stone showed up I've been eating like someone with an eating disorder. I've been so hyper vigilant and careful. I'd eat the same thing two days in a row and one day I'd feel fine and the next I'd get sick. I'd get frustrated and eat something I felt sure would make me sick and be fine. I'd eat really carefully and feel like crap. I'm not sure I have a clue what works anymore. 
And, after tomorrow,  I imagine it will change again.
But that BLAT was good. 
It is a classic. 
And I hope to eat another some day.   

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lemon Cucs

Jane found lemon cucumbers, which makes me so happy. They don't taste like lemons. They taste like cucumbers. They're just so dang cute. This is one of my favorite salads in which everything is local except the cheese and the olives. It would have been served by olive oil and balsamic but when produce is this fresh I love the flavors. And half way trough I thought I could have sliced in some shallot, or red onion. Next time. 
Although I love my aqua farm the herbs aren't growing big enough to add. I have wee tiny basil but I thought I'd give it a bit longer to grow. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I've never been sure what to do with this blog. I post pictures on Facebook of stuff that I'm eating. Maybe I should post them here first.
Just before I left SF I found The Better Bean Company. I am particularly fond of their black beans. I noticed they were made in Oregon but when I got here I couldn't find them. Last week (or the week before) I went to The Farm Stand  for the first time and there were my black beans. I made this salad with chopped garlic, yellow bell pepper, celery, shallot (might have used red onion if I'd had one), corn and tomato. Squeezed the juice of a lime into it. The beans come well seasoned  but I love cumin so I added a bit more.The greens are from Zion Farms, which does not seem to have a web page but I love them.