Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I read a short essay about Andre Soltner in The New Yorker (Sadly, you have to subscribe to read it on line.)  in which he is quoted: The molecular cuisine has some good things about it but I--I count my my cooking by the looks of satisfaction on the faces of the people who have eaten my food. 
Yes. Indeed.
I think a lot of the Adria stuff is interesting although foam always looks unpleasant to me. Interesting but not what I want for a meal. It might be a fun meal. And I think fun is a good thing. But I've seen too many chefs messing with food in an attempt to seem hip. Somewhere there's a chef "building" a salad of micro greens with tweezers. I've watched chefs pick at food trying to make it look better. It's good to make food look beautiful but it's best to make it pleasing. I don't think you should remember the chef. I think you should remember the food. Restaurant work is all about pleasing people. It's not always possible but you should be trying. I too often feel like chefs are so busy making a name for themselves that they forget they're feeding people.
Still not cooking much. But Mimi brought me some ham and cheese croissants from my favorite croissant place. The next morning I made one of my favorite breakfasts. Poached eggs on top of the heated ham and cheese croissant. Honey tangerine. Coffee. Pleased.