Sunday, February 6, 2011

Burger Time

I love burgers but I'm not that good at cooking them. Starts with me making the patty too think. I like them medium. I cook them too hot and too fast and they stay raw in the middle. Drives me nuts. One of my first jobs was cooking burgers. I was just getting the hang of it. I got hit by a truck and entered a long recovery period. Lost the job.
Today I had some grass fed beef, a great crusty roll, white cheddar cheese and big leafy lettuce, bit o mayo. Tomatoes are looking pretty bad right now sadly. So I did my best work. Started off with a hot pan but turned it down and cooked slow. Forced myself to leave it alone. Somehow it worked out. Kettle chips for the win. Carrots for the crunch.
Don't bother me.
I'm eating.