Sunday, August 3, 2014


I've never been sure what to do with this blog. I post pictures on Facebook of stuff that I'm eating. Maybe I should post them here first.
Just before I left SF I found The Better Bean Company. I am particularly fond of their black beans. I noticed they were made in Oregon but when I got here I couldn't find them. Last week (or the week before) I went to The Farm Stand  for the first time and there were my black beans. I made this salad with chopped garlic, yellow bell pepper, celery, shallot (might have used red onion if I'd had one), corn and tomato. Squeezed the juice of a lime into it. The beans come well seasoned  but I love cumin so I added a bit more.The greens are from Zion Farms, which does not seem to have a web page but I love them.


  1. Lovely. I would have used a bit of garden-grown cilantro, goes so well with cumin IMO.

    1. Yes!! I have no outdoor space but I've been trying to grow cilantro in a small aquaponic system. It's been slow going.