Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mommy Soup Four and Five

Four was clean out the refrigerator soup. I didn't have enough left over potato leek soup for both of us. I cooked up some lardons of bacon and a half of left over white onion, the last four or five mushrooms and the last of some celery. I added chicken stock and a potato and cooked it for awhile. Then I added the last of the potato leek. For a hodge podge it was extremely good.
The next day we ate out and then I made us a mommy request dinner: pork chop, baked potato, apple sauce and spinach. And then it was time for minestrone.
This is another one of those easy soups. First the holy trinity: onion, carrots and celery. No garlic because Mom is not a fan. Then a can of kidney beans, a can of garbanzo beans, a can of tomatoes, a bunch of chicken stock and some penne. Topped with grana. We ate that for two days and there's still left overs. The Muir Glen tomatoes bring a lot of smoky goodness.
Last night I made mushroom, spinach and smoked artichoke rissoto. Tonight we're going to Debbie's mom's house for turkey. Not sure what I'll do on Friday.
I have two cookie doughs in the freezer. Maybe cookie blogging will begin.

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