Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring is waning.

The apartment smells so good right now. I made sauce for pasta. I roasted some tomatoes and garlic, sauteed spring onion and mushrooms, added the tomatoes, garlic fresh basil, peas and asparagus. First there was the smell of the garlic and tomatoes followed by the onions and mushrooms. I used some tagliarini and topped it all with grana after I took the picture. It's such clean fresh flavor. My senses are all full up.
I'm stocking up on peas. The season is almost over. I shelled four pounds this weekend. I'm comforted by the appearance of peaches. I had the first one the other day. Not quite ready but full of promise.
I have a bowl of cherries for dessert.
I have funny lyrics in my head. It's good good good. Like Bridget Bardot.

1 comment:

  1. It's nice when you have a produce hand-off, peaches for peas. It lessons the sadness of one thing going out of season.

    I like this new format, by the way!