Monday, May 10, 2010

The Ramen Girl

I watched The Ramen Girl this weekend. It's not a great movie but it's fun. And for anyone who has entered a kitchen hoping to learn it's right on.
There's so often a gruff teacher. I always laugh when people react to Gordon Ramsay with dismay. He's fairly typical. I've worked for many screamers. I know how to swear in five languages.
And two people who don't share a language trying and often managing to understand one another is also a restaurant experience. The movie stretches this a bit in a scene where the American girl seems to understand an elder Japanese woman. Still, it's true. Hand gestures and some kind of almost extrasensory communication often works.
But it's the idea that the chef's energy that makes food good is sweetly portrayed and also fairly true.
Food has been a bit boring around here. I almost took a picture of a bowl full of really simple romaine and tomato salad and rigatoni in white cheddar sauce with fresh peas. It was pretty. But it didn't seem interesting. I am often inspired by books, movies or TV shows about food.
My experience of Ramen is from times when I've had no money and ate it for days and days in a row. After the movie I wanted a big bowl of broth with noodles. And I wanted to open a restaurant.

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