Wednesday, March 27, 2013

About That Asparagus

Debbie did bring me asparagus from the market. And I did eat it in curry. And it was crazy good.

My presentation could have been a little better but the smell of curry was overwhelming and I needed to eat. 
For no obvious reason I've been remembering a dish I cooked for brunch at a restaurant in NYC. It was latkes with eggs any style and pork loin. I don't remember if there was an apple-something or sour cream on the plate although that would have made sense. I do remember wondering if the person who created the plate was being funny or ignorant. Either way I got a craving for latkes.    
Conveniently Debbie got me spring onions. I intended to get pork loin but they didn't have any and I saw a small steak prepackaged. I cooked the latkes in the afternoon. I cooked a bunch. Not the best plan because they are one of those things that are best right out of the pan. But I thought I might like some for breakfast and I never feel like cooking that early in the morning unless there is someone else around.   

I like the outside to be crunchy and the inside to be like mashed potatoes. 

Debbie also got some chard. So that was dinner. I cut the steak in half. And I had Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche. The next morning I had half of the half a steak, scrambled eggs, latkes and grapfruit. And I had a version of the dinner the next day with the remaining quarter steak.  

Here's a flavor tip to never try. As I was making breakfast I passed my pomegranate juice over the eggs, which were still sitting in a bowl waiting to be cooked. It wasn't a lot but it was enough to make me wonder if I should toss them and start over. I hate wasting food so I cooked them and they were OK. But it was not  a thing I would repeat. 
The market is just starting up and I'm already having too much fun. 

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