Friday, February 22, 2013

I was going to write ...

... about my funny looking pancakes. There's a picture of them taken at Mom's house on Flickr and I feel like I used to be able to put a picture from there into a post but I was unsuccessful. I was able to add it as a post. It's below this one. I didn't realize how blurry the TV screen was looking at it on my phone. So I fooled around with the blog template and it's better but not exactly what I want yet. I keep having the same experience over and over as I play with my web stuff. A program tells me it can't do what I'm asking it to do but it doesn't say why. I got the Kristina picture more or less where I want it. I got the share buttons back. But now all the side bar stuff is at the bottom.
The thing about my funny looking pancakes is that they come out that way because I cook them in a pan and the batter spreads out and meets creating a flat line at the intersection. So they're round on one side and then triangular-ish on the other. If I'm very careful and make small enough pancakes I can avoid this but I am not always careful. I want a griddle. On my stove. Or at least this one. But I don't make pancakes often enough to justify buying one. Mom has one but it's on top of the cabinets and I couldn't get up there.
I never feel like making them in the morning. It's another thing I will do if there is someone else around. At Mom's I made the batter the day before. A double batch. I put a bunch in the freezer for her. I do that for myself sometimes. I made them last night. I ate a couple as I went and made one slightly larger with the end of the batter. It was nice and round. I ate it. I now have three containers of pancakes in the freezer.
I can't stop tweaking the template. But I have in fact written about my funny looking pancakes.

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