Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Food

Debbie takes me shopping on Saturdays kind of late in the afternoon. By the time we get home I'm too burnt to do much more than cram everything into the fridge. When you work in a restaurant it's really important that you keep your fridge organized and, after years of that, I'm pretty hyper about it at home.
These days Debbie arrives with bounty from the farmer's market. Sunday
is the day to process all the food and get it put away.
But first.
Sunday morning is time for French toast and news talk shows and The Sims. I like French toast crunchy on the outside and custardy on the inside. I've started using Acme ciabatta because I can cut a piece and then cut it the way I would for a sandwich. It makes a thin piece of toast with lots of chew and crunch. Sometimes I have bacon or sausage and coffee. If you're thinking that's a lot of raspberries you're right. Debbie brings me a lot. They aren't expensive at the market and I needed to use them up because these were what was left from last week. I don't love syrup but sometimes I put a bit on the side of the plate and drag the toast through it. I put cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla in eggs and milk for the batter. Oh, and juice. It's a big breakfast. I take my time eating it.
I've also been making an effort to have a good dinner on Sunday evenings. With wine. I never used to have to effort to have wine but these days, I do. Crazy. And I don't always get it together.Very often I have a steak although I don't usually eat it all. I'll toss the leftover into something tomorrow. Eggs, or salad, or pasta. I also made a few extra roasted potatoes for the same purpose.
I didn't even dress the salad. Mostly out of laziness but also because I love the fresh, clean flavor of the lemon cucumbers and the bitterness of the watercress. There's a spring onion as well. I eat it the way you'd eat a relish in a way. Stacking a mouthful with a bite of steak. It's suppose to be a special meal but it's also about using thing up. Dressing the salad is one of those things I would always do if I was cooking for someone else. I really, really want to try to cook for myself the same way I cook for anyone else. It's just wrong that I don't.
I'm thinking about some vanilla ice cream with strawberries but I'm kind of full. The fridge has been somewhat tamed. There is more work to be done. But Caetano is singing and the wine has mellowed me. And it's Sunday evening. Time to light a candle and relax.

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