Monday, January 24, 2011

One Bowl

Years ago I read something about one bowl eating. I don't think it was a diet. I think it was a contemplative practice. The idea was to only eat what would fit in one bowl. I don't remember if they described how big the bowl could be but the idea of everything in one bowl charmed me. Might have been because I didn't always have that many dishes. For me it became a challenge of aesthetics and craft.
I've been thinking about it while cooking for Mom because I use more dishes to feed her. She likes soup and salad. I usually eat salad in the summer and soup in the winter. Or I eat pasta with lots of vegetables, or a sandwich.
One of my favorite things is cold salad greens and a few cold veggies of one kind or another, warm or cold protein and roasted potatoes. I like the mix of temperatures and textures. I like the simplicity of eating everything in one bowl.
When I eat in restaurants I prefer to lots of apps. I like variety.
Maybe it's all about not wanting to wash dishes.

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