Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Day In Meals

I don't really feel like I'm doing any cooking these days. Just a lot of assembly work.

My day usually begins with me standing over the sink sucking on a plum. Breakfast is a very big bowl with peaches, two or three kinds of berries and yogurt. Jeane brought me some of her very good granola so it's on top. This morning I also had a croissant and coffee. More often I drink tea. On days when I swim I come home and make eggs and pile all the fruit on the plate.

I had fun with pizza when Jeane was here. I'm getting better with the crust. I keep going for more crunch and less chew. I cooked up some Criminis, shallots and garlic. I had some lamb from Whole Foods deli, which I cut up. I still had some tapanade from when the girl gang was in town. And I bought more of the amazing grilled artichokes. Ridiculously good. We got some fresh mozz and I always have grana around. We piled it all on in two different combos and then sat in the living room eating and mmmming. The fun part was imagining all the things we could do with pizza. I never get tired of that.

I eat a big breakfast and an early dinner so I don't usually eat lunch. I snack on almonds, or popcorn. I usually have something sweet. Cookie. Ice cream. But today I ate an early breakfast and was a bit hungry so I used a half of a hard roll and made a sort of bruchetta with the tapanade, artichokes, mozz and grana.

Right before the summer fruit began I had three apples in a bowl. Once there were cherries and peaches I ignored the apples until they were close to gone and then I quickly made some apple sauce, which sat in my fridge. I also have some pork chops in the freezer that need to get eaten. So tonight I filled a bowl with watercress, peas, smashed Yukon Golds, a pork chop and, of course, apple sauce.

It was a good food day. I might repeat it tomorrow so I can eat up the other pork and the rest of the applesauce and the other half of the hard roll. Saturday is shopping day so I can start over. But really, these days it's all about fruit and peas and watercress and grilled artichokes. Can't get enough.

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