Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So I decide to try writing about food and suddenly I can't seem to shop. Seriously. It's hard to shop for one person and I pride myself on being able to do it well. The last two weeks I keep running into walls of shopping failure. Not enough of this. Too much of that.
I've been planning on making lentil soup for awhile. Yesterday I start cooking and I don't have shallots. Shallots are are a main ingredient around here. I always have them. I buy them when I don't need them because I worry about running out.

I mean. What happened?
I had chicken stock but not quite enough. What? I always have chicken stock.
What I did have was some chunks of sirloin that I intended to use and they weren't going to stay fresh forever.
It worked out. It isn't perfect and it bugs me when I don't have what I need. But it tastes good and will last for the next few days until I can go shopping.Maybe I need to make a list.

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